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Digital Meridian System is a Sub-Health Measurement System based on TCM’s (Traditional Chinese Medicine) 12 Meridians Theory, combining with Western Technology.

An Electronic Meridian Sensor attached to a personal computer is used to measure & process the microbial wave data released by the acupoints from both hands and legs. These microbial wave data are then uploaded to the Data center Server via Internet access. The Data center will profile, analyze and match the data against millions of clinical cases to generate a Sub-Health Analysis Report after which is downloaded back to the personal computer.

The Sub-Health Analysis Report provides an over view of total Qi Energy level, Mental State, Metabolism, Tendon Bone, Qi & Blood, Autonomic Nerves Status, Yin & Yang of Internal Organs and Meridian Values.

Digital Meridian System assist in identifying the root causes of diseases and potential illnesses due to imbalanced Qi Energy of our Meridians and Organ functions. The report also provides preventive suggestions to rectify the imbalanced Qi condition. Digital Meridian System has an accuracy of up to 90%. It helps in the early detection of sicknesses and promotes habit of PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE Management for every individual.

The Digital Meridian System is very user friendly, no extensive training needed and the whole assessment only takes about 10 minutes.

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